The Colorful People

November 23, 2009

Colorful Baby Shower for Hezz

Got a call from sweet cuz Linda requesting help to prepare a surprise baby shower for her beloved sister Hezra. And yes she was surprised! We had so much fun, good food and games pun ada organized by lovely Hazween. Thank you Tuk Hashim and Opah Ashley. Tante Su and family from Singapore came so did some of Hezz's closest friends. So here pictures of my bz sunday...

Little Miss Sunshine and Yours Truly.

I made brownies and peach jelly.

Yummylicious Cake.

One happy mummy-to-be.

Tante Su aka The chef...sian tante su, baru sampai dah kena dera.

The organiser and fiance.


  1. alamak gambarku tak flattering langsung ah! wahahaha..anyway thanks for coming kak en..mmg i was really surprised! ahaha..sebbaik tak terberanak..haha..tapikan..frust sebab tak sempat rasa ur jelly n brownies.. aiyaaa

  2. hehee hezz that's a cute photo of you!


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