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November 18, 2009

Colorful Bali Day 3

Rise and Shine. Breakfast at the villa and off we go for our spa treatment. Mana boleh pergi Bali tak pergi spa ye tak? Our supir aka Pak Isme recommended and arranged our spa treatment here. The ladies ke spa, abah took the kids to the beach and the guys pergi shopping at a nearby quicksilver factory outlet. We had a solid 3 hour spa treatment including Aromatic Footbath, Body wash, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Tropical Fruit Body Polish, Aromatic Flower bath, Body Lotion and the best part is Pak Isme managed to get special discount for us *wink*! Tengah massage teringat kat Ms. S...dia suka massage-massage ni. Later Abah, the kids and the guys came to pick us up and off for lunch at Ayam Bakar Wong Solo Restaurant. Enak banget makanan di sini!
Next on the itinerary, Seminyak and off to Tanah Lot....sebelum sampai Bali lagi i dah tak sabar nak pergi sini. Enjoy these pictures...

Abah and mama pun teruja with the scenery. You can also do some shopping here. I bought more beaded sandals, bought a few fridge magnets and t-shirts for family and friends back home.
Later in the evening, abah brought us to Jimbaran Beach for BBQ seafood dinner. Pak Isme pun join sama. Quite pricey the dinner here but love the ambience. Lepas makan, jalan-jalan by the beach. Nyaman sih!

1 comment:

  1. tora datang lagi ...hehehe...

    i memang suka bab manjakan diri.. cuma purse i kureng manja so kenot buat selalu ...kalau berani you cuba urut badan refleksologi bukan manjakan diri tapi bayar deyols utk torture badan kita ..tobat iols nak pegi lagi

    miss S yg manja


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