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December 8, 2009

Colorful Weekend In Port Dickson

Last weekend we were in Port Dickson, The land of nine states. We stayed at hubby's corporate holiday resort. We managed to book their 2-bedroom unit as the other units are all fully booked. Beautiful and well managed resort. Checked in at 3pm, waited for my parents, dayn, dalia, sis ita and Arave to arrive. Cantik kan the pool. The little girls dah tak sabar nak swim.

Once we got our apartment terus prepare untuk makan. That's holiday all about..jalan-jalan and more makan-makan. Mama brought sambal tumis udang and yours truly bawa laksa. Best..well equiped kitchen, ada microwave, gas stove, big fridge, pots and pans, lesung batu pun ada...serious! Memang best tempat ni.
Sweet Dalia at the living area.
We had BBQ that night. Hubby showing his skill.
Where are the kids? While waiting for food they all main table tennis! Arave showing his skill and the little girls cheering on.
Ada burgers, hot dogs and 'special marinated' chicken. Yummylicious...'burrp'... alhamdulillah..lepas tu zzz.
Sunday morning, Aunt Hani dan Uncle Rahman came from PJ to join us for a picnic by the beach. We decided to pick our picnic spot at Yours Truly corporate holiday resort instead coz the beach is nicer there. The resort is about 1.5 km away from hubby's corporate resort. Alhamdulillah nice bright sunny sunday!

The kids had so much fun at the beach and they were super excited to go on the banana boat ride even little diva was not afraid to get on the banana ride!
Night time we decided to eat out...after dinner on the way back the kids nampak ada funfare...apa lagi...jom! Little miss sunshine, little diva and arave on the UFO ride...enjoy sakan the kids!

It was truly a delightful weekend in PD and hoping for another round of family picnic again soon!

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