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January 7, 2010

Colorful Picnic in Taman Aman

I know...this is long overdue, what can i say, the halims love to have picnics and tak kisah la dekat mana even depan rumah. So one of the weekends in december 09 we had this little picnic at this beautiful taman infront of my aunt hani's house. Aunt Yong and elina came from Tanjung Malim. Aunt Hendon and mak su came from Kuala Kangsar.

Aunt hani busy arranging the food. Ada kari kepala ikan,pecal, segala jenis ulam-ulaman to eat with sambal belacan and many more.
Yours Truly made this - ayam masak kicap...ehh sedap tau!
Mama and Aunt Hendon inspecting the food.
The kids and their parents enjoying themselves at the park. Hubby exercising before makan.
The taman has this too and all the aunties pun apa lagi...
Little Miss Sunshine happy with her food.
It was truly a great picnic even depan rumah je. If you don't want to travel far from PJ for a picnic just drop by Taman Aman.

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