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February 22, 2010

Colorful Birthday SPArty!

As i mentioned earlier in my previous post, that this year i decided not to have it at home but asked my little girls to invite their BFFs for an outing. So the little girls were incharged of the guestlist and me cracking moi head for places to entertain them. So yours truly and the 2 princesses decided to have it at Feffy's Kids Spa. A truly wonderful place for your little princesses...*wink* kes mummy yang terlebih-lebih...kenapa la masa i kecik dulu tak ada tempat-tempat macam ni...hehee. Do enjoy our photos story...
The super yummylicious birthday cake done by sweet shaz. I've asked her to create a SPAish themed cake. Cantikkan her creation! Do give her a call, her cake so sedap!

The party favors for the girls. Ada Diva Strawberry/Vanilla Lip Balm, B&B Body Splash, Meni/Pedi Kit, Pink Bath Scrub, pink hair clips and pink candies/lollies all in a pink/polka dot ribbon bag. My princesses helped me with this...specially made for their friends.

Pwetty decorations inside the spa.

The menu - yours truly baked choc brownies, made strawberry jellies, fried chicken wings and ordered kak nen's special meehoon.
The little girls selecting their nail colors.
The little girls enjoying themselves at the spa with their meni/pedi treatment.

Look little diva so happy with her feet spa treatment.
Little Miss Sunshine's meni treatment.

Hip hair do for the girls too.

Little Diva all doll up!
Meni/Pedi all done!

Coincidently, Primeworks@TV3 scheduled for Kids News shooting held on the same day so they interviewed the birthday girls! It was a nice surprise for the girls! They said that they going to air it early March.

Singing the birthday song!
The cake cutting!

The girls had a fabulous time at the spa.


  1. eiiii bestnya!! so sweet n fun!! how i wish bella is big enough for this!! ouhh.. happy birthday again kids! i guess i dont need to say hope it was a blast! ;)

    p/s: those party packs look fmailiar? eheeheh


  2. Hi Hezz, yes the gals had a fab time! enjoy sakan but 3 more girls could not make it to the party. Anyway, can't wait for little bella to grow up and join in the year maybe *wink*

  3. wahhhh bestnya...kat mana ni ya.

  4. Pink Mama - Feffy's Kids Spa is in Solaris Mont Kiara. I know pink-pink ni mesti you suka...hehee

  5. oh my goodness.. this is so coool... mmg pernah nmpk this place masa makan at Ole2 Bali Solaris...but I don't hv a daughter only that u hv posted up the pics, at least i know what the place looks like inside! :)

  6. hi superheroes' mom, there's packages for boys too...


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