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May 31, 2010

Colorful Little Adventure

Yesterday Little Miss Sunshine and Little Diva were invited to sweet Ewanina's 12th Birthday Bash at Skytrex Adventure Park in Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam. We arrived 9:30 am at the park entrance and waited for the Skytrex Park Bus to ferry us all to the place which is about 3km away from the main entrance.
The picnic place was beautifully decorated with balloons!

The BFFs.
Birthday girl with little Elisa...cutekan!
The pwetty and yummy Birthday Cake.
Welcoming speech by the Ewa's beautiful mum.
Doa before the singing the birthday song!
Ewa wish apa tu? May all your dreams come true ya!
Party Favors customed made by birthday girl's mum, Kathy. All great stuff inside the picnic basket for guests to take home!

While the kids getting ready to put on their safety harness for their little challenges...mak budak makan durian! Siap ada durian party lagi...The ladies with their delish durian!
Menu that day ada Nasi lemak bungkus, sandwiches, nasi goreng, seafood olio spagetthi, ice kacang, chocolate fondue, nachos and tomato salsa, so many sweet desserts and best of all yummylicious marinated bbq - chicken, beef and lamb! All too yummy!

Little Miss Sunshine and Little Diva decorating their biscuits.

Jamming sessions!
and the challenges please listen carefully to the instructor safety instruction ya!

Little Miss Sunshine's turn...
and it's little diva's turn
Nasib baik ada Abang Aliff to help her! Thank you Abang Aliff!

The tired but happy girls! The girls had so much fun, thank you so much Kathy and hubby for the coolest birthday invite! What a birthday party celebration with great people, great food and great music! Truly an enjoying day for the girls.


  1. WOW, seronoksnya the birthday party. Foods pun macam sedap!

  2. Irene- tu la lucky girl! yes true food too delish! hahaa...i bab makan-makan ni memang enjoy!

  3. wow bestnya...lain dari yang lain punya birthday party

  4. best kan pink mama! you can bring your kids one of these weekends but you need to call them for reservation...


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