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June 16, 2010

Colorful Sindhi Biryani

Yours truly decided to cook biryani. So last monday, i cooked chicken biryani using Shan's Sindhi Biryani spice mix that i bought at Mustafa Centre in Singapore months ago. Apparently you can find Shan's Briyani Mix in any Cold Storage Stores in KL/PJ.
The ingredients i used. So just you know i did not follow exactly the cooking instructions written on the box, this is my version...heheee...log on here to know the exact way!
Stir fry the onions and garlic paste with ghee until golden brown then add cut chicken and ginger paste. Cook for about few minutes.

Then i add the small chillies (cili padi), yogurt and Shan's Sindhi Biryani Mix and let it simmer for about 5 minutes and then add about 1/2 cup of plain water.
You add in the tomatoes, coriander leaves and mint leaves and let it cook for a while but don't overcooked the tomatoes and the leaves because we need to add in the cooked basmati in it's nice to have the mint and coriander leaves bau in the rice!

In the rice cooker i cooked 5 cups of basmati rice. When the rice cooked i add to the mix in the pot and let it cook in the pot of a bit and whalla lunch is served.
Sedap! Best eaten with salad and cili kicap - light soya sauce, vinegar, cut cili padi and sliced onions!


  1. memang sedap uols ... next time u tapau to ofis forget me not k :D

    Miss S

  2. Miss S i know you like....sehingga menjilat jari kan...hehee

  3. hmmmm sedapnya..... nak makan apa ya malam ni...

    No Thanks, Mangga Online!

  4. Salam Noreen,

    I replied to your email, tapi I receive notification tak dapat send email to u. U ada email address lain tak? Email me back ok? TQ

  5. Salam Irene, thanks! got your email.

  6. Gosh evey dish looks super delicious and making me hungry. I just have some biryani but i m hungry again. Oh by the way, I need some bit chilled coke with it. Thank you Host!


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