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August 12, 2010

Masak Assam Tempoyak Rebung with Ikan Senangin

2 weeks before Ramadhan my parents went back to Kuala Kangsar and brought me this...
2 full plastic container of the glorious 'Tempoyak'. This tempoyak made from a very good quality durian. Knowing my uncle, we called him Pak 'u' will not supply us a low quality one. Unlike some people, can't stand the smell of durian...poor you people...rugi taw tak makan durian! Yours truly on the hand loves durian and yes my little misses pun suka.
So a few days before Ramadhan my office colleagues organised a pot luck brunch and yours truly brought to work...masak assam tempoyak with rebung! It was a big hit hehee.
This is how i did it.
Pound red chillies (remove seeds), chilli padi, kunyit hidup (tumeric), sugar and salt or you can blend them in a blender...lagi senang!
Pound items with 2 lemongrass (ketuk sikit serai tu ye), cut rebung siam (bamboo shoots).
Saya guna rebung siam yang ini, kalau tak suka boleh la gantikan dengan timun tua or taugeh yang besar tu.
Add them in the pot. I use about 4 tablespoons of tempoyak and add water. Let it simmer on the stove.
Then add the fish and bamboo shoots. Let it cook for a bit.

Best eaten with rice, ikan masin tenggiri jeruk and sambal belacan...yumz..yumz...'mother-in-law pass by also cannot see'!...hahaa...and its my little diva's favourite dish!...but she don't eat the bamboo shoots la!

Alhamdulillah, yesterday first day of Ramadhan both my girls managed to fast. Iftar yesterday we had nasi lemak with sambal sotong. What's for iftar today? Tak nak try masak assam tempoyak?...pssstt..Ms. S care for tempoyak?


  1. awwww.. how thoughtful of u

    my preferance cili tumbuk + tempoyak sedap dimakan begitu saja :D

    kalau masak as if rasa pure tempoyak dah kureng ckit ..hehehe..

  2. sambal tempoyak makan with ulam-ulaman sedap you...if you tambah skit kelapa lagi best jadi sambal kelapa tempoyak....hehee


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