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December 23, 2010

Colorful Penang

As promised, updates from our family trip to Penang early December. Sebelum tu i baru je spring clean and vaccumed clean my blog heheee dah bersawang nampaknya...asyik blog hop je tapi rumah sendiri tak singgah-singgah. Anyway, back to our short 4days 3nights stay in Batu Feringhi, Penang. We have been to Penang numerous time, banyak kali tapi balik-balik mesti pergi tempat yang sama, the same shopping place and the same makan place. Chowrasta Market, Batu Feringghi night market, line tak berapa clear, nasi khandaq beratuq panjang, Perangin Mall, Queensbay Mall, etc.
We left PJ around 9am and arrived safely with no saman polis around 12:30 noon Alhamdulillah...hehee, crossed the Penang Bridge and off to TESCO Penang to meet up with my sister and her family, they arrived the same time too and had our lunch aka snacks, did some foodstuff aka tidbits shopping.
Little Miss Sunshine dah tak sabar to go to the beach.
Malam tu dinner at Gurney Drive, usual orders, kue tiaw goreng, laksa, rojak buah, sotong bakar, bbq seafood! Yumz!
The next day, my cousin Yati from Penang, called and took us out for lunch in Batu Maung. This was the highlight of the trip! Super Yummylicious Fish Head Curry! The best I've eaten so far. Serious you...sedap betul!
Enjoy our makan session!

Thank you yati and sharil for the lunch!
Perut Dah kenyang, hati pun senang...kita take photo! Yes, that's the name of the Restaurant! If you are planning to go Penang, do visit Pen Mutiara Curry House in Batu Maung!
On the way back, we dropped by Queensbay Mall for coffee and desserts.

After saying bye-bye to Yati and Shahril, we went back to the hotel, zzzzz to lalaland
Night time back to Gurney Drive for Dinner...kan i kata balik2 tempat yang sama juga yang dituju!
Owh! Dayn and Dalia, arrived on the second day! Tq for the surprise bro, abah was really surprised to see both of you! You guys really made his day!
Little Miss Sunshine enjoying her bowl of Penang Laksa!
Later that night we went to Feringghi Night Market. Then came 1am...dayn ajak pergi makan nasi khandar beratur....another makan place a must to go! Mr. Hubby favourite nasi khandaq! Memang sedap, the usual order, ayam goreng, kari kambing, kari sotong and telur sotong! But this time around we all tak pergi makan kat Tajuddin Hussein in Queens Street...another Mr. Hubby fav!
Day 3, after breakfast and lepaking at the beach, Sis Liza ajak pergi makan laksa kat Balik Pulau!...mak aih...jauh betul nak pergi makan laksa jangguih ni! But worth the travelling, sedap betul laksa depa!
Lepas balik from Balik Pulau, we all ke Chowrasta, shopping ikan masin and jeruk sikit and then Dinner kat Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Night time singgah balik Feringhi Night Market.
Day 4, we decided to just lepak and picnic by the beach before checking out!

Little Diva and Aiman watching Mr. Hubby and Little Miss Sunshine on the Jet Ski.

We truly enjoy our trip to Penang this time! Enjoying quality time with the family. Alhamdulillah....jazakallah family!


  1. Teringin pulak makan nasi kandaq.. Lama tak pi Penang dah. Harus repeat paper bila balik nanti ni :D

  2. Hi Mummy Aiyu, harus tu pi Penang pi pekena nasi kandaq sure Che Abe happy!!!


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