The Colorful People

February 8, 2011

Colorful Yee Sang Tossing

Isn't it great to have that long break!...So last CNY break, had portluck lunch at Aunt Hani's and cousin Zul and Gina brought Yee Sang to the table! See those chunky salmon bits!

It was really fun tossing all the shredded veges,salmons, jellyfish, sauces and other condiments.

Hope my readers enjoyed their break too! In the meantime happy tossing people!


  1. bestnya... i tak pernah lagi try yee sang, m sure sedap sbb ada salmon etc kan..

  2. LOL, you should try..sedap! but normally i tak put the 5 spices tu...i just mixed the honey, plum sauce and sesame oil.


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