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April 4, 2011

Weekend of Celebration

I'm officially 39 and in denial! Ngeeee

Last Saturday, my aunt hani who just got back from Mecca just a few days back decided to organise lunch at her beautiful home. Yours truly brought a cake and fish head curry to the table. Dah alang-alang all the family kat sana, i decided to cut my birthday cake there, not just one but 3 cakes! wee hoo thank you cuzzies sis ita, eena, azie and nieces nadja and jules. Love you guys so much! Enjoy the photo tale. Yours truly with sis liza, nieces nadja and jules. Yours truly fish head curry! Bau lekat kat tangan seminggu...hahahaaa Little Miss Diva helping herself at the choclate fountain! Habis hati dia! Fresh strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, biscuits and dried fruits. Pulut kuning pun ada. Nul brought fish head curry too! What a feast tee hee It's time to sing the 'song'! Why do i have to do the peace sign la?! Why so serious?! Makan-makan, chating-chating.... and the cutest boy...Ilyas! Thank you family, aunties, uncles, cuzzies, nieces and nephews who were there that day. My appreciation goes out to all of you...Jazakallah family!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday my dear! sorry lambat wish, baru la ni ada energy and time to blog hop :D

  2. salam. Kjee harap sudi terima ole2 yg tak seberapa dari Kjee di blog Kjee. cara Kjee nak luahkan rasa kasih Kjee kepada semua yang sering singgah di

  3. happy belated birthday to u...
    wish u all the happiness in the world.. :)


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