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February 17, 2010

Colorful CNY holidays & Happy Colorful Birthday Little Miss Sunshine!

Gong Hei...Gong Hei...i hope it's not to late to wish Happy CNY and holidays to all. We had a fabulous time...biasala kan kalau bercuti panjang memang le best...hahaa. So last Sunday morning, all of us headed up to Morib beach...for another family picnic. My mom made sambal tumis ikan bilis to go with nasi lemak, liza brought her home cooked laksa...yum yum...yours truly bawa masak sardin and bread...tu je babe almaklum last minute decision sardin pun sardin la, my aunt hani and uncle rahman came with nasi biryani and daging masak hitam.
Pantai ni berangin so the gals enjoyed themselves flying kites. Although it was a hot sunny day but alhamdulillah quite windy! Enjoy our morib photos.

Last Monday, 15 February was my dearest Little Miss Sunshine's birthday, we took her for a treat at One Utama Shopping Centre, lepak-lepak and more makan-makan. Her birthday so she got to pick where to first we went to this place and she ordered Spaghetti Meatballs...this is her all time favourite meal. Little Diva asked for classic pancakes and yours truly shared with hubby their classic waffles.
Lepas makan we watched the scheduled Acrobatic Lion Dance at the lower ground floor of the mall. We were early so we got the best seats. It was truly an amazing show. The gals loved watching the two 'lions' jumping on the some point quite scary...macam nak terjatuh je.
It was a good straight 35 minutes show and the gals enjoyed themselves. Lepas the lion dance show, little miss sunshine dah lapar balik...she asked for sushi and we headed here for her yet another favourite food. Happy Birthday daughter dearie! We love you so much!

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