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February 2, 2010

Colorful February

February is so interesting and hole-in-the-wallet month! No we don't celebrate V day...well we use to before we were married, no angpows to give out hoping to get one...itu pun orang yang dah kahwin tak boleh dapat worse no invitation yet from any of my chinese-new-year-celebrated-friends. Well it is just because both of my girls will be celebrating their birthday this month. Little Miss Sunshine born on the 15th and Little Diva born on the 18th. So for the past 11 years i have been cracking my head for themed birthday ideas, cakes and favors. Winnie The Pooh, Barney, Powerpuff Girls, Strawberry Short Cake, Barbie, Princess Castle, High School Musical, Hannah Montana la...macam-macam ada!
Last year we had it at home sama seperti tahun-tahun yang lepas.
Menu last year - Burger/Hot Dog stall, Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak with burung puyuh goreng and paru goreng, mini shepherd's pie (yang ni sis liza bawa), mini banofee pie, cupcakes, jellies (yang ni my SIL bawa) and cut fruits...korang tak kenyang tak tau la!
Last year's Birthday Cake.
Birthday gals with their gorgeous aunty Hez.
This year i don't intend to have it at home but i told my girls to invite their BFFs and go for makan-makan, maybe see a movie, bowling or even spa treatment...cewah! Will see...*wink* owh... i need to call shaz to place order the birthday cake.


  1. hahahahhah ni gmbr mcm agak cheating tapi bolehlaa.. hihihi :p


  2. olla...hey babe...nice blog u have here :D
    n sucha colourful life u have the title itself...hehehhe...

  3. olla verde - thank you for dropping is so colorful isn't it...well i have a fair share of ups and downs tho...alhamdulillah syukur..


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