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February 1, 2010

Colorful Weekend

2 Majlis Aqiqah/Cukur Jambul and 1 Wedding attended. Yesterday, yours truly was at cousin Hezra and Faizi's majlis aqiqah for their baby daughter 'Izbella Humaira'. The event started around 10 am. Little princess in her so beautiful decorated crib done by her grandma. Opah Ashley ni memang handal menghias and she has been in this ID business for as long as i can remember. Let me know if you need her contact details.
Marhaban group during the cukur jambul process.
The proud parents showing around their newborn for the cukur jambul process.
Favors for the guests.

Menu - Roast Lamb served with garden salad and mash potato with yummylicious gravy.
Little Miss Sunshine, Litte Diva and sweet cousin hazween.

Dear Bella, may you grow up to be a lovely little lady and be good to your parents!
- With so much love from aunty N!

31/1/2010 - Saturday
Last Saturday yours truly attended Aina (hubby's cousin) and Wan Hanis's majlis aqiqah/cukur jambul for their firstborn 'Wan Safiya'...the baby so cute and adorable!...The event took place in Wan Hanis's mum place but no photos uploaded yet coz i didn't bring my camera. Bila i dapat the pictures i upload ye! The menu - roast lamb, nasi briyani, laksa johor and soto...all too delicious!

That night yours truly went to my second cousin's wedding reception. Menu that night chinese was super yummylicious...

Sis Liza enjoying her dinner.
Lepas dinner ada acara joget lambak...all the uncles and aunties apa lagi...
Yours truly with opah ashley and beautiful cousin linda.
Congratulations to Ogy and partner!


  1. ouh kenapa taruk gmbr ku yg most unflattering angle! haha..
    ksiannya kak liza kena exposed kelahapan nya di public domain! ehehe :p


  2. nice nice!! wahh Aunty N! heheh.. thanks for the pics and stories.. At least now i have things to do in the office bila boring.. hehehe...

  3. Linda - thanks for dropping by...

  4. Hez - ok what the gambar, u r still gojes walaupun telah bergelar ibu. Memang sedap the dinner...rugi babe...bukan liza je i pun sama hahaa!

  5. haha mana comment saya??


  6. haha ok baru nmpk..



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