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March 15, 2010

Colorful Cousin Linda's Weekend Wedding Part 1

Yours truly was at cousin linda's wedding last weekend. Saturday, 13 March was her akad nikah ceremony in her parent's beautiful home in Kg. Tunku followed by bersanding and lunch at The Duchess Place in Jalan Ampang. It was truly a purplelish affair. Sunday, 14 March another reception at Victorian Ballroom, Holiday Villa, Subang. Enjoy the photo story.
The night before, linda with her Bffs for the berinai session. Little Diva with one of the beautiful hantarans specially made for the groom.
Beautiful bridemaids.

My dad being the spokeperson for the bride's family.
Akad nikah done by the bride's father. My uncle hashim.
One happy bride with her gorgeous sisters hez and ween.
Yours truly with the bride and groom.
One for the camera too...hehee
Right after the akad nikah ceremony off we go to Jalan Ampang to beat the heavy saturday traffic for the bersanding ceremony where most of the bride's friends and relatives dah mula tiba di sana. Indeed a beautiful place to have that special occassion!
Cousin Yati from Penang, Sis Liza and Cousin Azie enjoying their lunch.
Favors for the guests done by Opah Ashley - the bride's mum.
Bunga pahar done by my mum.
Pwetty Bridemaids with their my fair lady umbrellas eagerly waiting the bride and groom to arrive.

Arrival of the bride and groom in the beautiful decorated rolls-royce.

Little Diva with cousins Aiman and Little Yusuf.
Bersanding ceremony.

Congratulations to my dearest cousin Linda and her husband Firhad! More photos will be uploaded soon from the bride's reception in holiday villa subang. Stay tuned!


  1. beautiful wedding, beautiful couple ..the bridemaids costume and umbrella .. very the cantik... suka iols :-)

    miss S

  2. Hi Miss S, yes it was truly a wonderful day for the bride and groom...i pun suka uols!

  3. cantik2 the photos kann.. woot woot
    tak taruk gmbr bunnies?hehe


  4. Ya la Hezz must upload the rabbits pictures la...tungguuu


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