The Colorful People

March 17, 2010

Colorful Cousin Linda's Wedding Weekend Part 2

Continuation of dearest cousin linda's wedding, last sunday held at The Victorian Ballroom in Holiday Villa Subang. Enjoy the picture tale...
Ushering Duty - Yours truly, mama and sis liza sedondon...thank you opah ashley for the beautiful fabrics...ehem ehem kain sponsored!...dah tu kena buat keje la that day kan.
Pwetty bridesmaids.
Opah Ashley walking in with the handsome groom.
Father-of-the-bride walking down the beautiful bride! Owh i love her dress! Kudos to her designer.
Cantikkan Hez! She was the MC that day.
Every table in the ballroom ada different pictures of the bride and groom. Cool eh!
The Bride and the Groom with their bridemaids.
Beautiful ladies in green.
I present to you the drama girls terasa macam 'cinderella' pulak!
Yours truly at the courtyard.
Yours truly and family with the pengantin.

It was truly an evening to cherish. May the bride and groom live happily ever after!


  1. hahhahaha..ada jugak gmbr ku itu.. cantik ur photos! ;)


  2. Such a lovely wedding! And full of beautiful people too =)

  3. Hi SHM thanks for dropping by my blog today!


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