The Colorful People

April 7, 2010

Colorful Birthday Lunch With The Family

Yours truly celebrated birthday lunch with abah and the family. My sis, liza and lil bro, dayn treated us all to Seoul Garden, One Utama. Abah's birth date 13 March and yours truly 31 double celebration...jimat! Thank you liza and dayn for the yummylicious birthday lunch!
It's Korean bbq and steamboat buffet!
Nampak tangan Mr. Hubby je tengah memasak...hehee
Varieties of marinated chicken, beef, lamb and seafood to chose from.
Little Miss Sunshine heart their blackpepper marinated chicken!
Abah, Mama and dayn's hot plate and pot.
We so 'kenyang' already...time to head the dessert station.
We enjoyed their buffet selections...all too yummy! Thank you family...jazakallah!


  1. SHM - hehee...yummy...i bab2 makan ni mana boleh diet.


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