The Colorful People

April 14, 2010

Colorful Chicken

Hari tu kan i masak Chicken Cooked in Soya Sauce erti kata lain Ayam masak kicap. Mana boleh asyik Superheroes & MOM je yang tayang ayam masak kicap dia hehee...i pun nak tayang mine! Yours Truly's A.M.K. is slightly different recipe dia. Normally i marinate the cut chicken with dark & light soya sauce and chopped garlics, leave for like half an hour then fry the chicken. Separately i make the sauce using back the leftover soya sauce from the marinated chicken adding garlic, ginger, cardamon seeds, 1 cinnamon stick and star anise.
Ni hot-hot dah take picture tu yang blurry ada special effect kan hahaa.
There you go our lunch that day!


  1. mmmmmmmm, yummeehhhhh!!! nnt i shall try your version :)

  2. resepi tak tempek ke uols utk i verangan cooking class :D

    chef diva S

  3. Hi SHM, try jangan tak try...lepas tu hantar sikit kat i...hehee

  4. Alamak chef diva S, i belum tahap Mat Gebu lagi la...hahaa


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