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September 23, 2010

Wedding of Azizul & El Regina Tajudin - Akad Nikah

In the midst of Syawal with Raya 'open houses' and all, my dear cousin Azizul got married to El Regina Tajudin, maybe some of you might know her before, she's our gold medal gymnast. Yours truly attended the akad ceremony and here some of the photos i would like to share with my readers.
Pictures some of the hantarans to the bride prepared by my Aunt Hani herself, the groom's mother.
Beautiful Telekung and Sejadah.
Pearl Earrings/Necklace,Diamond Tennis Bracelet and watch for the beautiful Bride.
Chanel Handbag.
Rombongan pihak lelaki naik bas ke rumah pengantin. Extremely comfy bus ride to the bride's house for the solemnization ceremony...thank you Zainul Hashim for arranging this ride! Cameraman/Video man followed us all the way from the groom's place to the bride's in another MPV...macam shooting movie lak!
Azizul dah nampak nervous sikit....father Regina akadkan. Alhamdulillah sekali lafaz...

Beautiful sireh junjung arrangement all made by Aunt Hani with some of the hantaran balas from the bride.

Rolex for him.
Congratulations to Azizul and Regina!

More photos from the Bride's reception dinner soon. Till Then.


  1. awk must beri tudung napr jgn elok rmbt sopn elregina n ibu skrng mekkah

  2. wan gdis sebnr ini deaf dari kelnte u,,,,u hrap skong fmliy kt regina ke wan norliza 21@yahoo com

  3. Since 1998 after I quit SSBJ,where I always met El-Regina.This is my first time see her new face..Wow so cantek like dulu2..huhu..I admired her lots..


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