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September 27, 2010

Cousin Azizul & El Regina's Wedding - Bride's Reception Dinner

Continuation from previous post, sharing some pictures from the Bride's Reception dinner held in Eastin Hotel, PJ.
As usual, kena pose dulu sebelum masuk hall. Yours truly with gorgeous cousins Azie, Sis Ita and Eena.
Cousin Nul and Eena at the dinner table. It's chinese course dinner. Food all too yummy!!
Cousin Azie and her dashing hubby, Khairul.
Yours truly and Liza with the beautiful bride.
Wacky cousins telah meng'havoc'kan table ni....we sure had fun that nite! Congrats Zul & Regina.
Yours truly with family!
The Groom's family.
Yours truly received this beautiful wedding favors. Setakat ini masih hidup segar di rumahku. Cantik kan the orchid!
There'll be more photos uploaded soon from the groom's reception. Till then, stay tuned!

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