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November 1, 2010

Colorful Dayn & Dalia Wedding - Final Part

Apologise for the late entry. I thought of kidnapping pictures from my lil bro's wedding photographer but non ado...belum siap katanya so we have to make do with whatever photos yang i took during the event maklumla bz melayan tetamu and nak jadi photographer at the same time to meriahkan my blog heheee. So my dear readers, enjoy my photo tale.
Sebelum kedua mempelai tiba, we take picture first ya! Yours truly with beautiful cousins yang awal-awal datang to help! Thank you so very much you all!
The hard working ladies that day!
Thank you darls for manning the wedding favors' booth that day! My cousin sha, aween, azreena and niece Elina.

The Wedding Favors for guests to bring back, i decided to give strawberry jam in this cute little glass jar and beautifully wrapped with lace and ribbons. Something different i told my mum. So if you are interested, you can order from here. The jams are imported from France and sangat-sangat sedap. Thank you family and mama's friends yang datang tying ribbons that day, you know who you are!
The beautiful decorated table Pengantin. These fruits carving done by the caterer, Selera Man. They served super yummy food that day! I love their ayam goreng berempah.
Nul at the entrance...waiting for Pengantin arrival and the bride's family! Canopy and decoration done by Creative Elements, thank you Suhaimi and Fiza! The beautiful flower girls, my niece, Julia and Nadja, nephew Aiman and my little princesses!

Yours truly merenjis kedua mempelai.
Mr. Hubby.
My sis, Liza.
They are so sweet!
Cousin Yati and Shahril came all the way from Penang. Thanks you guys.
Cousin Azie's in law were there too!
The cake cutting ceremony!
Me and my sistah! Tired but happy! ha'ah gambar kat belakang tu ada ami and MIL, thank you for coming!
Abah with aunty hendon, my sweet aunty zue, fondly referred as Opah Ashley in my blog and uncle eddie receiving guests that day.
Cendol pulut and tapai. Thanks suhaila...your cendol memang tersangat sedap!
My in law were there too! Thanks you guys!
Me and Regina taking a quick rest!
My dearest Aunt Hani and Uncle Rahman!
Abah and Mama with the bride and groom!
Karaoke Time!!!! This time tak ada joget lambak...takut neighbours terkejut! hahaaa
Sis Liza serenading us with a number! My nephew arave siap kasi bunga lagi tu!

Cousin Hez, as usual memang kena panggil untuk nyanyi! Tok radin hulur bunga tu!
My cousin Fuadah, yang suara memang power! Thanks you guys yang menceriakan suasana majlis!
My uncle min penuh gaya!
The event ended around 7pm, thank you to those who came and meriahkan majlis kami ini. Thank you uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews who came near and far dari KL, PJ, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Seremban, Johor etc. Malam tu there's another function, theme malam tu, Arabian Night...more pictures...stay tuned! Till then peeps!

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