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October 20, 2010

Colorful Nikah Day for Dayn & Dalia

Alhamdulillah, last Friday, 15 Oct 2010 was my lil' and only brother, Dayn's nikah day. He is now married to Dalia. Yours truly been bz like a bee for the past few weeks. The solemnization ceremony was held at Kampung Pengantin near Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak KL. Enjoy the picture tale!
The beautiful Hantaran from us to the bride. All done by my very creative Aunt Hani, touch up by Mama and Aunty Misah!

I heart this beautiful Sireh Junjung. All done by Aunt Hani!

The 'Ring'.
All of us in the bus, ready to leave for the ceremony! It was truly a fun ride to the place! Abah tipon sapa tu bah?...hehee

Aunt Hani with a few of the hantarans!
Little Misses can't wait to witness their uncle's Nikah!
We stopped at Wangsa Maju Mosque for Asar Prayer and head to Kampung Pengantin. We were greeted by the Bride's family and soon after the acara pantun, introduction and followed by Nikah!
My Uncle Sam was the spokeperson and brother in law, Azizi jadi saksi...
The Bride!
The nervous Groom!
Alhamdulillah, sekali lafaz! Father Dalia nikahkan. Lepas tu upacara menyarungkan cincin.

Later, we were served with Hi-Tea menu. Food are all too delicious. Makan-makan, sembang-sembang and time to leave. Photos of some of the hantaran balas from the Bride's side.

The 'Date' to one of the gifts from the bride! Cool ehh!
Congratulations to the cute couple, Dayn & Dalia! Owh! wait for the next posting ya! Kenduri at the Groom's side will be held this Saturday! More pictures and story to show and tell! InsyaAllah!
Till then peeps, stay tuned...btw, nice date today ehh!...20.10.2010.


  1. The groom is awesome

  2. Dear Mr. Anonymous,
    Are you sure?!..very sure?...nyeh!nyeh!nyeh!

  3. isk, kampung pengantin tu betol2 dekat dgn office i! hehe..anyway, congrates (^_^)
    bertambah lagi sorang family..

  4. Sorry to drop a msg here..Nak menjawab your question at my blog tuh...Hehehe
    Yes..I mmg buat delivery kat area Shah Alam..Are you staying in Shah Alam? Do you have Facebook account? Would like to add you as my friend.. :)

  5. anonymous ni tak lain tak bukan encik izzudin himself... ish ish ish.. perasaness.. hahaha.. nway cool colorfeul pics lah!! muah!

    mommy Izbella

  6. Hi Mommy Izbella, memang dia perasan!

  7. A.I., dekat je ke? awat hang tak singgah...

  8. Hi Mas!!! go c your comment box!


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