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January 7, 2011

Colorful Ayam Belanda

New Year Eve, i decided to roast Turkey for dinner...yes, ayam belanda/ayam piru dalam bahasa baku...hehee. Anyway this is my first time roasting this big bird. Selalunya, my FIL yang masak, kami semua makan aje. We decided to have it at my little condo yang dah almost sebulan i tak pi visit! So that day early dinner sebab later nak pergi watch fireworks.
So I bought this Halal frozen Turkey from Carrefour in Midvalley about a week before.
Vogel sudah itu birdie, after almost one whole night thawing and now ready to marinate. Marination ingredients i used, butter, honey, olive oil, dried rosemarry herbs, crushed black peppers and salt. I lumuq semua sekali satu badan, tiada adegan sumbat-menyumbat di sini sebab I decided to do the stuffing separately.
Ready for the oven! Roasting time approximately 3.5 hrs. at 175c.

Setelah lama menunggu, akhirnya jeng..jeng..jeng presenting star-of-the-day, owh...i didnt flap back the wings tu yang burnt skit...burnt skit tu la yang marveles...wings ada dua yang jadi rebutan!
I also roasted some potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic. Mama did the super delish gravy to go with the turkey!

I've made tomato soup too....from scratch ye puan-puan/tuan-tuan not from the can...cewah!
Sis Ita just came back from Kuching the day before so she brought this...super moist and yumz!
Dah siap!
Ready to be carved by Mr. Hubby! Abah dah rasa dulu!
My plate!
Dayn's second helping!
Tada! The aftermath....
Owh, also celebrating my sis liza's son birthday, Aiman and My cousin, Sis Ita! Happy birthday darlings!
After makan, the kids and the adults, all in the pool with a very heavy tummy! heheee
Enjoy sakan!

Shisha pun ada!
Jazakallah Family, thank you for your time and joining me to my first ever roasting a turkey...lepas ni boleh invite lebih ramai orang lagi...InsyaAllah.


  1. the turkey looks delicious. =)

  2. Thanks Pink Mama! Your kambing golek pun apa kurangnya!

  3. tgk mr truly carve turkey teringat scene ben stiller carve turkey dlm meet the parents : little fockers :D

    ms S

  4. sedapnya nampak ayam turkey tu.... terliur tengok..

  5. Ms. S....ya la..hahaa so funny that movie!

  6. LOL, sedap...i tengok balik ni pun terliur..heheee thanx for dropping by my post!

  7. wahhhh sedapnye!!! *drools* .. kenapa lah I ni malas nak masak kalau tak sure makan sedap2 kan :(

  8. ala nana masak simple simple je...heheee


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