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January 11, 2011

Colorful Wedding of Amirah & Yus

My dear SIL, Amirah and Yus were married on the New year's day, 1.1.2011. Solemnization ceremony was held at my inlaw's home in the morning and the next day the bride's reception dinner in Dewan Perdana Felda, KL. Enjoy the pictures!

All in Blue!

The hantaran from the bride and groom. In gold is the one from the bride to the groom. Cantikkan!
Sis Ita was there too.
2.1.2011 - The Reception dinner in Dewan Perdana, Jln Semarak KL. The theme - Green.
Owh! My little princesses were the flower girls that day.
My parents, dalia and dayn were there too!
8.1.2011 - The Groom's reception at the groom's beautiful home in Klang.

Congratulations to Ami and Yusrezan!!! May you have a beautiful and happy life together!


  1. suka i tengok last pic ... happy & beautiful family truly tersenyum girang di situ :D

    miss S

  2. Hola Miss S...tq tq....owh...i hope it's still not too late to wish you Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. tqvm for the wish...its never too late..never say never bak kata justin bieber :p

    iols penat uols ... 3 nites di kondo pd uruskan kursus utk 107 pax ...lps check out sambung 1 nite di avillion utk self pampering

    sbb mood keja dah ke laut ..amik cuti hari jumaat utk rehat until week baru keja ...hehehe

  4. wah..wah Ms. ye...siap ada pampering session lagi!


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