The Colorful People

February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Princesses

February is the happiest month for my little girls. Why? Little Miss Sunshine born on 15th February and Little Miss Diva's birthday today, she was born 9 years ago. Have not planned anything for them yet....soon insyaAllah. The little girls requested Justin Bieber's ticket concert tho...hhhhmmmmm much to daddy's disagrement...'budak-budak mana boleh tengok concert-concert barat ni!"....hello dearie long gone the days kita bawak depa tu ke disney on ice ke apa...depa dah besar but i bought for them last month despite their father tak berapa setuju sebab dah tak tahan with their whining...anyway got myself one ticket too sebab nak chaperone them!...please I'm not a fan!...but unless i jumpa sapa-sapa yang boleh teman and jaga anak2 i tu i bagi le tiket tu...

Anyway, to my darling princesses...mama loves you so much and wishing both of you happy birthday!


  1. happy birthday to both sweet lil princes... may happiness be with you guys always.. muahhhs!


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