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March 11, 2011

Colorful Historical Malacca

Last weekend we were in Malacca. We were there for MGHS class of '89 reunion gathering in Holiday Inn Melaka. Yesiree folks, I'm from Melaka Girls High School in a boarding school, i'm there since form 2 till form 5.
Well after 23 years tak jumpa, beginilah rupanya. Sungguh-sungguh seronok dan 'havoc' Holiday Inn dibuatnya dengan gelak tawa we all.
I arrived Malacca around 12 noon, Mr. Hubby left me with my galfriends and he together with the kids joined my parents,dayn,dalia, Unc Rahman, Aunty Hani and arave for Assam Pedas lunch and some touristy activities in Historical Malacca.
Enjoy the picture tale ya!

The earlybirds, Audra, Ila Joe, yours truly and zah!
Waiting for the rest to come!
Gift sponsored by Audra! Thanks babe for the beautiful crystal pendant.
Delicious food in Holiday Inn.

and glorious dessert too...that left me coming back for more and more heheee

The gals dah sampai pun...

Amy brought pens, calendars and.....Estee Lauder compact powders for all of us tau!

Mahaniza brought gifts too...tu hah ila dah skodeng dulu...
Thank you speech from the host, Aslita.

Yes, we had so much fun and laughter. Everyone catching up with each other with loads of stories to tell, tak kurang juga some yang buat demo and giving out calling cards juga sesi marketing. The funniest would be Anum with her 'demo'. Anyway, only 20 of us managed to make the time for this gathering but it was a good turnout hopefully next year more will be able to make it. Thank you dollies for the fun that day and to those bearing gifts thank you very much! You know who you are!
Afterwards, i joined my family for the Malacca River Cruise! It is highly recommended to go at night.
Little Miss Sunshine dah tak sabar nak take photo!
All of us in the boat!

Mama and Aunt Hani enjoying the ride!
Beautiful night time river cruise!

After the cruise, everyone on the 'beca' ride!
We had our dinner at Equatorial Hotel cafe near Dataran Pahlawan. Makan and tengok football on the big screen. Lepas tu balik hotel to lalaland zzzzzz.
The next day after breakfast, me and mama went to Costa Spa for spa and massage treatment....bliss!
I had so much fun and activities with friends and family in Malacca. Jazakallah!

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  1. i nmpk sgt nakal dalam entry u ni....tapi sebaliknya haha


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