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February 1, 2011

Pee Dee Again!

Last weekend, we spent it in Port Dickson. We stayed at Mr. Hubby's corporate holiday resort. I've blogged about this place before in my older posts. Can view it here. Anyway, hubby got invited to his friend's wedding in Malacca on Saturday, so off we went to Malacca and on the way back we decided to spend the weekend in PD. My sister Liza joined us in PD that evening.
The view from our balcony!
Kids by the pool! They all ni bukan boleh jumpa air!

Later that evening my sis and her family arrived. Perut dah lapar and we decided to have dinner at El Cactus Mexican Restaurant. They served delicious and super yummy food here. This place is just opposite Mayangsari Resort. It's just by the road side and if you are from Teluk Kemang it should be on your right. The restaurant is open only for dinner. They closed on Sunday and Monday though.
The menu.
Little Bambino's pasta.

My super delicious spicy prawn pasta! Seriously sedap! Next time i nak try their seafood olio pasta with sundried tomatoes pulak! The prawns so fresh and fat!
Mr. Hubby's mixed grill...tak sempat nak snap picture dah licin! Too sedap and the meat so juicy la!
Aiman's sweet dessert! Yumz!
My sister chatting with the 'chef''! Thank you Aunty aka mama tasha, you really know how to cook! Sedap semuanya and owh ya, thanks for the 'discount'..*wink*
Perut dah kenyang...apa lagi pekena la secawan kopi 'o' kaw baek punya! Kat PD pun ada Bangi Kopitiam!
Balik resort, tengok tv, borak-borak and ZZzzzz.
The next day, hujan non-stop. So bergolek-golek je la kat resort, makan, tengok tv, makan dan ZZzzz. Later lepas lunch singgah Lukut beli this big hot bun!
Seriously besar! Cicah/celup dengan chicken curry and kopi 'o' for tea time!
We truly enjoyed our Pee Dee trip eventho...hari mendung and hujan the whole day! Weekend spent with family is truly worthwhile! Alhamdulillah.


  1. Besarnya bun! Rindu pulak nak minum kopi O kaw.. Hari tu lupa nak bawak balik.

  2. Madam, mintak je Ms. S aka Helen to kirimkan serbuk kopi tu...hehee


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