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September 28, 2010

Colorful Wedding of Azizul & El Regina

The groom's reception held last sunday. The event took place at the groom's beautiful home in Taman Aman, PJ. Many relatives, close friends near and far and neighbours attended this memorable occassion. Decorations done by khareyanevents and also the groom's family themselves. Aunt Hani was the busiest person that day and days before that. She's one creative lady.
The Wedding Dais.
My little princesses!
The 2 emcees for that day. Yours truly with cousin Sham, who also recite a beautiful doa.
Acara merenjis.
Picture here with Aunt Hani and Uncle Rahman, parents to the groom.
Yours truly, eena, linda, abah and liza.
Cousin Iti and her beautiful daughters!
Sweet cousin Azreena and her baby girl, Qaleesya!
Suka-suka posing!

With mama!
Ehhh sapa tu...Rozita Che Wan la...a friend to the groom. Apa lagi posing la!

Cousin Hez, Aween and lil' Bella!
Acara hampir ke penghujungnya and most of the guests dah beransur pulang...apa lagi...karoake time and...Joget Lambak la...moh kite!
My cousin, she's the singer in the family! Suara dia power!
Hez can sing like Dato' Siti!...serious! My sis liza, can sing too...alamak no photo of you la sis...have to get it from izzud...later k!
Tunggu turn to sing!

Tu dia...uncles and aunties...
Nul pun sama!

We had so much fun that day and yes, we are tired but most of all very very happy! Owh! Food was delicious too. Thank you Uncle Rahman and Aunty Hani! One more event will be held in Istana Hotel, KL and soon will be uploaded. Stay tuned!


  1. wahhhh...hepinya! AJ kawen nnt nk buat jugak la joget lambak ni. kompom havoc! (^_^)

  2. Ai, semestinya!!!! Jangan lupa jemput kami! Bagi bikin havoc!!!hahahaha

  3. kompom akan dijemput nnt! lalala...

  4. yeay!yeay! tak sabar nak tgk AJ bersanding! Pengantin vogue!!! hehee


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