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October 19, 2010

Colorful Wedding of Azizul & El Regina - Final Part

I know this is long overdue, Alhamdulillah, finally the continuation posting of the wedding reception held in Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Mahkota Ballroom was beautifully decorated with fresh roses and hydrangeas flowers. All ideas from the groom's mum, Aunt Hani and Khareyana Events.
The rehearsal that afternoon.
All of us, sibuk-sibuk mencantikkan diri...hehee...all make up done by Aizah, AJ and Ajeet from Yes, kami sangat puas hati dengan 'service' mereka. Yours truly, flower girls,sis liza, sis ita, eena, azie, elina, mama, and aunt hani semua di 'touch-up' by them.

Little Angels, the cuteness! The flower girls and lil' paige boy getting ready.
Little Miss Sunshine and Cousin Hajar.
Little Diva with Cousin Sofea.
We walk slowly ok...just like we practised a little while ago!
Beautiful bride and groom on the wedding dais.
Kini tiba upacara Merenjis kedua mempelai. Mum and Dad to the Groom.
One of the VIPs that night.
Makan Time. Food = yummy ness!!
Azizul's sisters, gave a cute speech! Uncle Rahman too gave a beautiful speech...gambar tak sempat nak snap. I almost cried, listening to uncle rahman's speech that day...too bad i did not have the chance to video tape it..isk isk
My in-law were there too.
Picture here with abah and mama.
Yours truly with gorgeous cousin eena and azie. Heart you guys!!!
with aunties and cousins!

So pwetty flowers, must take picture!!
Strike a Pose!!!
We all stayed at the hotel that night and slept around 4am! The next morning got a very early wake up call from mama to come down for breakfast!
Pictures here having breakfast at Istana Hotel.

Best sangat-sangat, kami enjoy betul that night! Thank you Uncle Rahman and Aunty Hani. Congratulations Zul and Regina! May you have a beautiful happy life together, InsyaAllah!


  1. WAHHHHH..vangganya! siap stated nama lagi. hehe..thanks to u all jugak. sronok dpt clients yg best2 cam kowang :)
    jumpa lagi nnt ye..

  2. ai, semestinya!!!!...gigih gitu hehee

  3. You look very happy and beautiful! Congrats to the mempelai. =)

  4. Hi, juz wondering ur cuzs Eena & Azie - simply love their outfits, designed by which designer wud u know? Thanks!

  5. Hi yaya! yes am very happy that day heheee, nak jemput you datang my lil bro's wedding tapi you jauh sangat nak datang...

  6. Hi Kyra, the outfit tu designed by saiful bahrin. Cantik kan?! butik dia kat Plaza Damas.

  7. Hmmm shud have figured dat out, ya, very Saiful Bahrim'... Thanks so much, love ur baju too : )

  8. kyra, baju i biasa biasa je heheee, anyway thanks for dropping by!

  9. As the saying goes 'it's not what u wear it's how u carry it off' n u always luk well groomed! Been a pleasure to drop by ur blog, thanks for sharing! :)

  10. hi 'yours truly' / this is bubblyvene from . Well, i have some questions to ask you but i do not know other way to reach you personally. Do you mind to visit to my website and connect me via anyway over there...there are my facebook, twitter, email.....Hope to hear from you soon :")


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